Why PIER8?

‘PIER’ was chosen for its connotation to the maritime theme which dictates the look and feel of Gravit8. The PIER is the link between the lake and the commercial development hub, and our tag line perfectly sums it all up – Where Urban Meets Nature.

The number ‘8’ features quite prominently within this development as we have 8 high-rise towers which surround an 8 acre landscaped lake.


Nordica Residences

The Fjords that dominate the Norwegian landscape were formed and created by glaciers. As the ice receded it deposited fractured and irregular granite boulders called ‘erratic’s’. These granite monoliths become surrounded by a sparse and desolate landscape. The glacial valleys and Fjords create a spectacular landscape interplay between the land and water.

These glacial erratic’s and the landscape interplay of the Fjords are the inspiration for Nordica’s drop off.

Irregular ‘erratic’ shapes are abstracted into granite paving patterns and stepping stones that dance against a glassy reflective body of fresh water as a Norwegian landscape metaphor. Planting is controlled within the pattern as a metaphor of how the harsh Norwegian landscape and climate controls the growth of plants in the wild.

Boulders, cliffs and craggy outcrops in the natural Norwegian landscape are strewn with lichen, ferns and epiphytes which are represented in the drop off as a green wall behind the biologically filtered fresh water pond.